At Garforth Cat Sitting we really care about our Clients.  We offer a fresh approach to cat care in a loving and safe environment - your home.

Your cat(s) enjoy familiar surroundings and favourite cat nap places. knowing your home is looked after whilst you are away.

As with our pet sitting services, prices are per household not per pet.
£15.00 for one visit a day or £24.00 for two visits a day.
These prices are for the Garforth area only.

We operate a 'stay and play' policy for cats who like attention, which means we will use the visit to attend to your cats needs and after feeding and cleaning duties, will use the full 30 minute up to one hour to play and stroke/brush your cat(s) providing the love and attention they miss when you are away.

So instead of useing our cattery in Garforth being at home can help reduce stress allowing your cat to stay at home and relax - happy cats, happy customers.

We know cats are important - in fact its our job to make sure they know it too - cats are part of the family and they deserve only the highest level of care.

Understanding that each cat has its own personality with specific likes and dislikes helps us to make sure your beloved pet enjoys the care it receives.

We are able to open/close curtains, turn lights/T.V. on/off as desired to give the illusion the house is lived in. We can take out and bring in your wheelie bins.

We can water plants at your request both inside and out, let us know what basic shopping you want and we can get that.